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Elevate Your Performance

10X your performance as an executive.

Join our “579 Leader” Mastermind Group, Launching on
September 1, 2021

We are redefining what a Mastermind can be.  In this very exclusive group, we will focus on bringing balance to your life as a busy executive.  We will balance hard work with had play.  Sessions will tax your intellect, solve your problems, teach new skills, and show you new places.

Accelerate Innovation

Build new systems to Attract, Retain, and Engage your workforce

Business as we know it is constantly changing. Gone are the days when we “implemented” a change to our work processes.
Now, change IS the work.
Learn how to adapt to dynamic conditions while building a stable system that constantly improves engagement and the skills of your people.

Obliterate Obstacles

Every workplace has problems.  Too many go unseen and unsolved adding cost and frustration to your workplace 


Equip your workforce to aggressively solve problems when they discover them.  Our proven C4 Problem Solving Process not only gets the right problem solved at the root cause, but also develops a critical set of skills in all team members.  Our premier C4 Coach Development Program leads your team of select people through a detailed and comprehensive program solving real problems in your workplace in real time.


When Governor Ducey launched the Arizona Management System (AMS) in state government, David was one of the Lean Management consultants hired to train the system. Our team at the Department of Housing attended AMS training sessions led by different trainers. David’s knowledge of the material and ability to connect with his audience was one of the best I’ve seen. Team members that didn’t “get it” with other coaches got it with David. At the Department of Economic Security (DES) we faced a severe shortage of leadership talent. I read David’s book, Leadersights and challenged David to develop at leadersights training course. We needed to teach our team what good leadership looks like. David designed the course, trained our trainers and we’ve trained over 1500 leaders at DES. This consistent message and language contributed significantly to the culture change we were pursuing.

Michael Trailor

Chief Strategy Officer, Native American Connections – Former Director, Arizona Department of Economic Security


David’s interaction with my team was very positive and engaging. Our training focus was on problem solving at 2 manufacturing facilities in Northeast Ohio. David always came prepared with an entertaining lesson plan that challenged the way we think and interact on the shop floor. David has a blunt, but respectful, style that meshed very well with my group of operations leaders. He tailored a specific training program around actual problems affecting our business, and became deeply involved in helping us eliminate those obstacles. I admire the confidence he displayed in confronting our leaders and questioning our thinking as it pertained to how we implement and improve processes. David also has many contacts in the Operational Excellence community that he offered as resources to our challenges. With David’s assistance, we improved work flow on our shop floor and improved On-Time Delivery to a major Heavy Truck account by 20%!

Matthew Werner

Vice President, Corporate Operations
Compco Industries, Inc

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