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See work from a new perspective

Obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance – throughout your organization;

Engage your employees, improving their skill, their creativity, and their ownership of processes and problems;

Change your culture to one focused on problem solving and continuous improvement that generates high productivity, high profitability, and high professionalism for your workforce.

It all starts with YOU as a leader.


Do you have an Executive Team struggling to define your strategy?

Are your employees demoralized by what’s happening in your business?

Do you need to get everyone behind a clear vision and get fired up for action?

We love helping you solve these and other problems.  Whether it’s a keynote to get your sales team fired up to tackle aggressive goals, or to get all your leaders behind a new initiative and speaking the same language, we can tailor an engaging and interactive session for you.

Our messages on Leadership, Culture, Engagement, and Problem Solving will inspire you and your teams to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate your performance leaving everyone motivated and engaged for the future.

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Education and training programs for:

  • Executive Team Effectiveness and Alignment
  • Leadership Development for the Future
  • Teams, Team building, and Teamwork
  • Lean Thinking and Problem Solving

Education and Training

Coaching & Consulting

Business as we know it is constantly changing. Gone are the days when we “implemented” a change to our work processes.

Now, change IS the work.

Learn how to adapt to dynamic conditions while building a stable system that constantly improves engagement and the skills of your people.

Coaching & Consulting

Results that Last

David is a pioneering thought leader whose ideas have garnered phenomenal results for his clients. His 40 years of leadership experience and learning, from Army Officer to Founder of two successful international consulting firms, will provide you with effective, practical information you can put to use immediately to dominate your industry.

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