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Change your culture to engage the creative and productive power of your people. It all starts with YOU as a leader.

Obliterate Obstacles; Accelerate Innovation; Elevate Performance – For yourself and your teams with our help.

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We love doing keynotes and conference workshops for large or small meetings. Favorite topics are Leadership, Culture, Engagement, and Problem Solving. Our messages will inspire you and your teams to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate your performance leaving everyone motivated and engaged for the future.

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Education and training programs for:

  • Executive Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Teams
  • Lean Thinking and Problem Solving

Education and Training

Coaching & Consulting

Business as we know it is constantly changing. Gone are the days when we “implemented” a change to our work processes.

Now, change IS the work.

Learn how to adapt to dynamic conditions while building a stable system that constantly improves engagement and the skills of your people.

Coaching & Consulting

Results that Last

David is a pioneering thought leader whose ideas have garnered phenomenal results for his clients. His 40 years of leadership experience and learning, from Army Officer to Founder of two successful international consulting firms, will provide you with effective, practical information you can put to use immediately to dominate your industry.

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