Good morning!

What did you learn this week?

Overall, this was a pretty good week.  I celebrated my 100th episode on Monday and got a chance to explain why I’m doing this daily show.

When I got into the prep for Tuesday morning’s episode on the scientific method, I searched for some new information.  What I’ve had in my notes for a long time focused on the impact that the scientific method had on accelerating the Industrial Revolution – but that was only a few hundred years ago.

When I read about the Edwin Smith papyrus I was fascinated. I love finding things that make me want to learn more.  But it makes you think:  People have always had the capability to think in a focused and deliberate fashion.  The hard part is getting people to actually do it.

Finding out why we don’t has been a significant part of my research.  To me, it’s much less about the sequence of steps in applying the scientific method and much more about people’s general behavioral and cognitive habits. 

What makes people do what they do always intrigues me.

I also covered the quality movement; first as part of the discussion on the scientific method, then, on Wednesday, in terms of a shift from inspection at the end of a process to process control.   We haven’t gotten away from inspecting and auditing anywhere that I’ve been, but we have learned that we don’t have to rely exclusively on inspection to ensure our products are good.

On Thursday and Friday, I shared the stages and steps of the C4 Process.  I want to emphasize once more that I designed the C4 Process to develop people through problem solving, not just to solve problems.  I hope that focus on people stick with all of you who might decide to use the technique at work.

This week, I have a couple of days with a client that will likely delay or eliminate a couple of episodes.  The plan is to share with you how to use the C4 Card and C4 Worksheet with teams to help solve problems and develop people.

I also signed up for Orienteering Cincinnati’s TROL/WARS series of orienteering meets this fall.  I’m excited about getting back out into the woods and get lost again.  They had to suspend meets at the beginning of COVID but we’re on this fall – since orienteering is largely individual and spread out in the woods.  I just can’t wait to do it; it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I hope you’ll stick with me. 

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.