Good Morning.
Yesterday, I showed you the C4 Card and what it’s used for.  Today I want to show you how it works.
Working the Card
• Problem occurs/team member has an idea
• Post card
• Leader pulls
• Assign coach
○ TL or Peer coach
• Dialogue 
○ Critical thinking
○ 5 whys
○ Initial evaluation
• The Dialog piece not only helps the team member but it teaches the coach how to ask better questions and build stronger relationships
• Cross unit coordination
○ Cross-shift/Cross-Dept
• Adjust inputs
• Countermeasures
○ Explore multiple options
○ Evaluate
○ Plan
○ Execute
• Confirm – Check the result.  Do we need to update any procedures or standardized work? Review the process – did we follow it as planned?  If we deviated, why did we deviate?  What did we learn by going through this?
How it works depends a little on how the problem shows up.  We’ll cover these tomorrow!
I’m David Veech and this is Elevate Your Performance.
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.