Good morning!
It’s been a rough week and I’m out of sync with my video schedule.  We ended up with doctor’s appointments this week that fell during my normal video production time, and if I don’t get this made within a certain time window in the morning, I can’t seem to escape the other stuff that comes up every day to get it done later.  
Other factors contributing to this include my tendency to procrastinate and just be lazy.  I let a lot of things get stuck bouncing around in my head too, that I constantly try to organize.  The excitement of this very close election is also proving very distracting!
To start getting back on track, I want to return to a discussion about Culture.  I spoke about this back in August, so after the weekend, I’ll dig into some more detail about each culture type that I talked about then:  Defiant; Compliant; Involved; Excitement; Engagement.
I also need to get refocused on Saturdays to talk about Travel.  I think travel is going to come back very strong once we have a vaccine that works and makes social gatherings a thing again.  I want to have the travel advisory ready for that. 
Sundays are for reflection.  I like to set aside specific time to think through what I’ve learned, discovered, uncovered, and shared with you.
I hope you’ll stick with me.  give me a like, a comment, or a share please.  Let’s have a discussion about these things.
I’m David Veech.  This is Elevate Your Performance.  
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.