Hi, I’m David Veech and this is Elevate Your Performance.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I also want to make a special shout out to my lovely bride of 36 years since it’s her birthday today.  Happy Birthday, baby.  I love you.
It’s been a very difficult year for us all.  We’ve been restricted from traveling, restricted from gathering with family and friends, restricted from going out to our favorite restaurants and bars.  But we seen hundreds of thousands infected and tens of thousands killed because of the virus that has recently ramped up.
So in this kind of gloomy environment, our ability to recognize blessings that my be hard to see and hard to think about is a pretty handy skill.  No matter what we’re going through or what we’ve been through, there is always something to be grateful for.
I’m grateful that my family has avoided getting sick.  We’ve been careful, but we’ve also done some limited traveling – nothing like last year, but at least we’ve been out of the house a couple of times.  I’m grateful that the vaccines are progressing well.
I’m grateful for some new friends in the National Speaker’s Association, where I’ve been asked to become a Vice President and future President in the Ohio Chapter.  
I’m grateful for a new client and the return of existing clients.
I’m grateful for the time I’ve had to create some new stuff and to do these videos.
I hope you’ll be able to take some time today to reflect on similar things in your life.  Embrace that feeling of gratitude and see how that affects your mood and stress levels.
We’re having a Zoom feast this afternoon with the family dialing in from Texas and Maryland, then we’re planning some online games we can play together.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.