Are you comfortable with what you “know”?
Today, I’m 60 years old.  If I had enough hair, it would be gray.
That’s a pretty fair amount of time to be around, and I’ve tried to soak in as much as I possibly could over those years, some more clearly than others.
Happily, I feel like there’s still another several lifetimes of things to learn and things to know.
Knowledge, though is fleeting.  
There are things I just absolutely knew in the past that turned out to be wrong in another context.
So what I’ve learned from that is to keep thinking.  Keep thinking through different perspectives.  Keep putting myself into the shoes of others.  Keep seeking to understand what drives them.
There are lots of things I know I’ll never figure out or understand.  And there is where wisdom lies.
I wouldn’t dare call myself wise.  But I seek that wisdom by seeking to understand.
For my birthday, I wish all of you that desire to understand; that desire to see something from another person’s perspective.  I wish all of you the love it takes do that.
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.