As we do every Sunday, let’s recap and review.
Remember, the general theme for August has been Learning, which can be pretty broad.
This past week, we opened with how people respond to change.  As with other things we don’t fully understand, any change without a clear picture of where we want to go brings some fear, which causes people to resist.  The leaders job then isn’t to manage change, but to manage fear, and we can do that by open communication, with consistent and clear messaging from all leaders, and showing gratitude to the workforce.
Tuesday I talked about how people learn, specifically in 4 learning domains: Psychomotor, Cognitive, Affective, and Social. 
Then on Wednesday I focused on that cognitive domain and shared 6 levels of learning within that
domain.  The top levels of learning:  Analyzing, Creating, and Evaluating are problem solving. 
On Thursday, when Apple’s market cap broke the $2 Trillion dollar mark, that gave me the opportunity to talk about perspective using the difference between a million, a billion, and a trillion in time and distance.
I returned on Friday with 3 structures to create a learning organization, and those are small teams,
standardized work, and learning circles.  I believe that if you can correctly install these structures, you can build a resilient learning organization.
Finally, yesterday I celebrated my birthday by discussing my pursuit of Wisdom which is the ultimate goal of learning.  It, of course, begins when we acknowledge that we know nothing.
Starting tomorrow, we’ll start exploring what I think is the most important factor in employee
engagement, self-efficacy. 
Wednesday Lean Coffee.  Join Here.
Thursday 2:00 pm Eastern.  Navigating Change solex/webinar.  I hope you’ll join me.  Register here.