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In the Spring of 2022, I’m launching a new mastermind study group that will focus on 579 Leadership.  Here, the members will be the stars as we share the things we discover about leadership in every situation you can imagine.  

Our key objective will be to become more effective as leaders, coaches, parents, team members, business owners, etc.

579 Leaders

What will we do?

Members will apply for the Mastermind/Study Group and commit to complete the full 579-day program.  That’s 19 months and 4 days!  

The Key Objective

We’re joining and committing to this mastermind to help each other become more effective leaders, coaches, parents, team members, and business owners.  We’ll measure at the start, then again at the finish to see how much progress we’ve made.

Individual Attention

 I’ll work with each member individually.  We’ll begin with a 360-assessment and together we’ll set goals and build your action plan to become a more effective leader.  We will complete a few other assessments or diagnostic instruments for your business and set goals and build actions plans to improve there as well.   

Members will get an hour of personal coaching with me every two weeks, plus additional access if you’re working a particular problem or goal.  Members will also have access to exclusive materials created just for the group.


Group Zoom Meetings

The group will meet virtually every two weeks for 86 minutes and 51 seconds (which is 579 seconds times 9.) 

This will largely be in a Lean Coffee format where members will bring issues and we’ll discuss those issues and try to help you take action to solve a problem or drive an improvement.


Once a quarter (six times in the 579 day cycle), we’ll meet face to face for 579 minutes (9 hours and 39 minutes).  We’ll meet in different spots for everyone who can make it.  I plan to have members rotate hosting in their companies and invite us in for a Genba walk while we’re there.  We can also help the host with a problem they’re wrestling with. 

Each agenda will include a genba walk, focused time on a problem or lesson, a guest speaker, open networking and discussion time, lunch, and end with dinner and drinks – 9 hours and 39 minutes is a long day – so we’ll make it as fun and as valuable as we can.

Group working Retreats

Twice a year (three times in the 579 day cycle), we’ll have a retreat for 3 days someplace we decide we’d like to see.  All members will be able to make at least one of these, as we’ll have some special recognition activities in addition to guests, tours, and cases to study.

Vacation Retreat

Once a year, we’ll take a vacation – pushing us to have some balance.  I’ll book a cruise or a resort for us to take our families to and we’ll spend a week or so just enjoying each other’s company and taking in some cultural aspect of wherever we go. 

I have Japan, a European River cruise focused on wine and beer, a Mediterranean cruise focused on culinary delights, and the Bourbon trail in mind. 

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

I’ve been conducting executive workshops, retreats, strategic planning sessions, leadership development seminars, and individual coaching for nearly 30 years.  I have always dreamed of pulling together a mastermind program like this.  

In these sessions, we’ll learn from each other and from the best minds we can think of as we tackle real and current problems for members, set strong growth goals for us personally and professionally, see the world from new perspectives, and reenergize to continue doing great things.

Join me on this journey.  Together we’ll create more value than either of us can imagine.


579 Leaders

Pricing Models

The program is longer than many MBA programs, but since we’ll be focused specifically on you and your business for personal and professional growth, it is likely to be much more valuable to you.

A quality MBA program might cost over $100,000, and while you will get a diploma, will you actually change your business and the working environment for the better?  

* Pricing includes refreshments, lunches, and dinners but does not include travel or lodging which members will individually be responsible for.  Our partner travel agency is Clandestine Travel and will assist in booking at your request.

** Pricing only provides access to joining the vacation group.  The additional pricing for each vacation retreat will be available early.  Members will be able to book with a deposit and make multiple smaller payments for these vacation retreats.  Families are welcome at additional expense.

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