I’ve been spending this morning learning some new stuff instead of preparing for my normal episode for you on Facebook Live.

The things I’m learning are all about measurement systems:  How can we make ourselves more profitable by the way we measure the way work progresses through a system?

I’m sure once I discover and learn more about this, I can talk more intelligently about it and we’ll have a couple of good conversations about it.

Till then, what I want to do is encourage you to go and pick something for you to learn today.  Once you learn something, it doesn’t really do any good unless it either changes your behavior or you share it with somebody else.

All learning is relational.  If we all just sit back and learn by ourselves, it’s not really doing much.

So go learn something new, share it with somebody else, or teach it to somebody else and then keep going.  Find something to learn tomorrow and the next day.  There’s plenty out there, believe me.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.