How did last week go or you?  Did you make a point to learn something?
I’ve had a couple of new opportunities show up in the past couple of weeks that have been forcing me to rethink a lot of things, particularly about what I’m going to be doing in the future.  Which I still haven’t quite figured out.
But hey, I’m only 60 and have my whole life in front of me, right?
Both opportunities will force me to learn some new stuff, so that really appeals to me.  I think I can probably take advantage of both of them instead of having to choose between them.
I’ve been late this week more than previous weeks getting this little video ready because I’ve been taking advantage of my learning energy, which runs strong first thing in the morning.  So I’ve been reading and reviewing new things instead of writing up what I plan to say for the video.
I like doing these videos, but others ask me if I’m including calls for action and “what are you trying to accomplish with them”.  I started doing them with the hopes of having more people join me in discussing the topics I’m covering and hopefully, by some indirect magical connection, that they might lead to more people learning more about what I do and how I help people, leaders, and companies.
I’ve had a couple of great discussions with a couple of folks, but I haven’t gotten much traction, but rather than quit, I realized that I enjoy creating something in the morning.  So I’m doing these for me as much as for anyone else.
I have some client work returning this month and I’m trying to figure out how to stick to my schedule while working with them.  I think I have it figured out.
This coming week, I have an array of topics for you that seem kind of random, but remember, everything follows this theme of “Letting Go” this month. 
Stick around.  Make some comments.  Ask some questions.  Let’s have some fun with this.
Congratulations to Authentic, winner of the Kentucky Derby yesterday.  Sad to see the shots of the empty stands, but it was a pretty good race!
Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.