Good morning!

If you don’t already know, I have a travel agency as a side hustle.  It’s been pretty idle as you can imagine over the past several months, but I expect more people will be ready travel as soon as we can get this virus under control.

Here in the US, we’re still struggling to get it under control since our independent nature is showing up as sporadic adherence to the strict prevention guidelines provided by the CDC.  For that reason, a lot of places are not open to Americans and I would advise against anyone traveling to the US.

Still, we can travel and still be safe, but it takes some thinking.  I found a great blog post from offering 6 emerging post-COVID-19 travel reopening trends.

1. The world is reopening sooner that expected.  This may or may not be a good thing!  10 countries have reopened doors to all landmarks and attractions:  They are Greece, Vietnam, Denmark, China, Croatia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Portugal, Netherlands and Switzerland.  Some require specific negative testing.  Croatia has been advertising a lot about being open and trying hard to get their travel industry back in business.

2. Safest International travel destinations right now:  based on the number of cases per day, include Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Greece, and Hong Kong.  Still, you may or may not be allowed in without certain restrictions and precautions

3. Everyone is emphasizing Domestic Travel over International.  For us, this is a great option.  We have some really fantastic destinations that are open with restrictions for all of us.

4. Outdoors before indoors.  Go visit a national park and camp.  Keep your distance from others and you’ll have a wonderful and safe vacation.

5. Online tickets.  Most tourist sites here are requiring advance purchase of tickets online.  That’s how they are keeping to their admission restrictions.

6. Masks, Sanitizers & Temperature Checks – The New Norm.  Globally, 56% of open attractions are restricting admission.  50% require face masks.  30% provide hand sanitizer and 18% are requiring temperature checks.  In the limited traveling I’ve done since March, I’ve had my temperature checked at restaurants, distilleries, and the VA hospital.  I’ve avoided any crowds out of caution.

Bottom line:  Travel is still risky and subject to your personal tolerance.  There is a way to go where you want to go, but there might be some rules to follow before and after you get there.

Cruise lines have continued to push their own ban further and further.  It’s through October 31 now.  I am expecting them to push that to the end of the calendar year just based on the current trends for infections.  That will all change if we get a safe vaccine, but most don’t expect that until after the new year as well.

If you can’t stand it anymore and want to go somewhere, give me a call and I’ll put my travel advisor hat on and we can figure out what’s possible.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.