To help you see where you need to be to stay competitive and relevant in the future, I’m planning a series of activities starting in November.

First, I am building a series of six webinars focusing on culture change.  They’ll be 90 minutes each (give or take).  I’m planning to do them in 3 two-day chunks – so the first 2 sessions on Monday and Tuesday, November 9-10; the next two on November 23-24; and the last two on December 7-8.  You’ll need to register for each separately. 

I’m also doing a 2-day problem solving workshop with Lean Frontiers on December 2-3.  We’ll be doing 4 hours each day with some applied learning activities for you to take into your workplace during and after the workshop.

The links to all of these are below, but I’ll be posting these everywhere as I try to build an enthusiastic audience!

Online workshop:

Lean Frontiers Presents High Speed Problem Solving – an online workshop with David Veech, 12 – 4 pm Eastern, December 2-3.  Register at

Webinar series:

1 – You CAN change your corporate culture:  November 9, 2 pm

2 – Moving your Defiant culture forward:  November 10, 2 pm

3 – Stuck in a culture of compliance?:  November 23, 2 pm

4 – Getting your people more involved: November 24, 2 pm–7209413867

5 – Your people are FIRED UP!  Now what?? :  December 7, 2 pm

6 – Building a lasting culture of engagement:  December 8, 2pm–9024463091