Here’s the recap of lessons learned from last week’s videos here on Elevate Your Performance.

Monday – Problem solving gemba walks.  Key lesson:  go and see, ask questions, show respect

Tuesday – Fundamentals in problem solving.  Key Lesson:  Say what you see to get things started

Wednesday – Standardized work.  Key Lesson:  Useful first, pretty second

Thursday – Getting started with visual management.  Key Lesson:  Understand what problem you are trying to solve when you install visual management.  Second Key Lesson:  Keep your focus on the needs of the team members to get them engaged.

Friday – I was working with a client early so I missed this one.  I’ll get something uploaded today to keep the sequence and schedule intact.

Saturday – Travel Day.  I recounted my adventures traveling during the pandemic.  Key Lesson:  Keep your sense of humor.

This week:  I will continue sharing some thoughts about visual management systems and metrics, applying the key lessons learned from Thursday. We’re also welcoming October. 

What I am planning for October through January is to use this energy I have behind these 87 episodes of this video series, Elevate Your Performance, to muster the discipline to write this High Speed Problem Solving book I already have outlined.  Send me a little encouragement.  I’m going to need it.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.