About us

We Started Leadersights with a Lofty Purpose:


Make work marvelous for everyone.

As you can imagine, not everyone likes their job.

Let’s find out why and do something to fix it.


Our vision is to live in a world full of people who enjoy their work so it elevates them out of poverty and allows them to contribute to uplifting humanity.

  • Enjoying their work means they report high levels of satisfaction on collective surveys.
  • Elevating them out of poverty requires that employers pay fair, living wages so working people improve their living condition
  • Allowing them to contribute means that they not only satisfy their own needs but are able to help others on the journey out of poverty.


This mission is what we do everyday to achieve the vision. Our mission is to teach leaders how to create work systems that obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance.

We’ve learned over the years that unsolved problems, having no voice, and no real challenge makes work drudgery. Leaders have to learn to see how the work people are doing satisfies or fails to satisfy the people they’re responsible for. If it fails, it’s their job to provide the resources to fix it. We teach leaders these critical skills.


Our values drive our behavior. Here are a few things that are important:

  • Love – Equity, Fair pay, balanced work, respect
  • Learn – Listening
  • Open – Sharing, honest, integrity
  • Improve
  • Simple
  • Fun


The underlying strategy to perform the mission and achieve the vision begins with teaching leaders to love, learn, and let go. These 3 simple yet difficult decisions are the keys to higher productivity, higher profitability, and higher professionalism globally. If we’re able to do this, the most visible result will be the smiles we see on the faces of people as they work.

Coach & Consultant

David Veech

David Veech

David Veech

Founder & CEO

David started Leadersights officially in 2017 but has been pursuing this purpose in one form or another for many years.

Creating a new culture is complex work. I help leaders navigate this complexity. Together we can set a new vision, build a roadmap to achieve it, and develop the skills and systems that promote peak experiences.  I’ve helped hundreds of leaders discover their personal potential and build engaging work systems for their people.  I can help you too.

I’m an energetic entrepreneur, published author, effective coach, and engaging speaker.  My mission is to develop leaders who can create work systems that engage the creative power of their people to obliterate obstacles, accelerate innovation, and elevate performance. 

Together, we can create the kind of work and workplace that makes people love what they do.

I have an extensive professional background in leadership, operational excellence, lean systems, and problem solving.  My workshops and presentations give listeners practical skills and soaring possibilities that will:

  • Convict their hearts that they need to change
  • Convince their minds that they can succeed in the change, and
  • Commit their efforts to make the change work for all.

Work should be fun and rewarding. Together, we can have a profound impact on the lives of your people.

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