Today is my 50th episode of Elevate Your Performance.  I’m still having fun with this so I expect I’ll make it to 100 in early October.  

You can find all the videos on my YouTube channel.  

Today, I want to stick with what I started yesterday – Learning.


I mentioned the 4 domains we learn in, always concurrently.  The one I spend most time focusing on is the Cognitive domain.  To me, this is where we build thinking skills.


There are 6 levels of learning here:


  • Knowing
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Creating
  • Evaluating


The top three levels (Analyzing, Creating, and Evaluating) are called problem solving levels of learning, so we come back around to problem solving as a function of responsibility and then satisfaction at work.


If we focus on analyzing, what steps are really required?  How do you analyze something?


The key thing that makes analysis “analysis” is breaking something down into a series of steps.  It can be a timeline, or an ecosystem, or even something like a quality problem at work.


Once you identify the steps or the chunks, then you’ll need to understand how each contributes to the overall outcome.  You might need to decide what data you’ll need to collect and how to collect it so you can use that data to make better decision.


Outside perspectives always help you see the chunks more clearly and understand the systems that contribute to problems in workplaces. 


If you need an outside perspective brought in, please reach out to me.  Book a time to have a call with my by clicking on this link.

I can help you with a remote review of any problem you might need help with.  I want to ensure that when the pandemic lifts, instead of going back to normal, we go back to better.


Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!