With some excellent help, I’ve built a leadership development workshop (called Leadersights after my book) to provide a quick jumpstart to reenergize any organization’s leader development efforts.  We’re running it for 1400 plus leaders in a government agency in Arizona and getting great results.  I’ll be posting some of what is included in the workshop here to remind folks what’s most important.

There are four outcomes of our Leadersights workshop series. They are simple and direct:

  1.  Put the needs of others above your own – Love
  2.  Develop curious leaders for the future – Learn
  3.  Empower your teams – Let go
  4.  Attract people to your team – Connect

To say that these are just the outcomes of the workshop fails to capture what we are really after. We need leaders to change. We need leaders to quit bullying, controlling, dominating, yelling, intimidating, avoiding, complying, blaming, belittling, etc our people and each other. I would like to say this is pretty rare in most organizations, but I know it isn’t. Even when our intentions are good, sometimes the heat of a crisis or a failure can bring out the worst of any of us.

In the workshop, participants work up a list of the best and worst bosses they’ve ever had.  We encourage them to reflect carefully about this because what they were really describing is themselves. But we did it in a way that gave them the ability to separate their own behavior as a leader from that of the imaginary boss each group created for this exercise.  For you as a reader, the charge is to become truly self-aware.  Only then can we improve as leaders.

No one likes to be told they aren’t a good leader or a good boss. I get that. I don’t like it either. But if every leader in your workplace fit the best boss list, we’d have a lot fewer problems.

A team works to complete their marshmallow challenge

My goal is to make sure you are thinking hard about the way you lead. I’m not going to tell you that you are a good boss or a bad boss. Leadersights wants to help you become a more effective leader. So despite what you already know about being a leader, we want you to act as if you are the person you described as the worst boss, and do something about it.

Four things: Love, learn, let go, connect. Go do something today to improve one of these.