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Need a boost to Power Up your Leaders?

Struggling to sustain the gains from your Latest initiative?

Frustrated by problems that keep coming back?

Let me help you break through these kinds of issues to reach your goals.

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Build more effective leaders

Coaching for Leadership Development

We believe that leadership development begins well before anyone receives a true leadership position and never ends. Leadership development is ultimately the responsibility of the leaders in an organization and no single course will ever satisfy that responsibility.

Become a more effective organization

Coaching for Lean Transformation

We have been helping organizations become lean organizations for over 20 years.  We’ve learned from Toyota and their senseis with hundreds of years of experience.  We’ve learned from deliberate study of excellent organizations around the world.  And we’ve learned from the best consultants in the world. 

But none of that matters if YOU don’t learn.  So our approach to transformation combines a steady series of improvement events and activities with a hard-core focus on what you should learn from them to become self-sufficient more quickly. 

We make sure you have a strong understanding of the tools and principles, but also know Why those tools and principles work and to what purpose in the overall system.  That way, you can apply that learning anywhere you go.

Our job is to work ourselves out of our job.

Become more effective thinkers

Coaching for Problem Solving

Nothing builds better thinking skills that deliberate and structured problem solving.  Our approach focuses on small groups of your people, selecting a theme, and working through each detailed step of the problem solving process until we permanently solve the selected problem. 

Your people will learn critical thinking, quantitative analysis, creativity, planning and organizing, execution, and evaluation, skills they carry with them the rest of their lives and apply to any workplace problem.



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