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Sometimes, you need a coach who will ask lots of questions and challenge you to set aggressive goals and then make plans for you to achieve them.


But sometimes, you just need to Get Something Done.


Our consulting is all about Getting Something Done.

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Where can we do the most good?

Our typical model is two days each month, either on-site – which is always more fun – or virtually – if we need to keep our distance.  For some initiatives, we may schedule week-long sessions to jump start our progress.

In these sessions, we meet first with your executive team where we will explore what your needs and priorities are, and why they are important.  Then assign a team to implement systems.

The recurring visits allow us to help you hold yourselves accountable to the projects and goals to which you commit.

Learning circles / quality Circles

A Learning Circle is a small team of people assembled to solve a particular problem relevant to the team members.  For this, we facilitate the development of your system for forming, developing, supporting, and celebrating the team’s development as they work toward a real solution.

Team building and team development

Teams are the most important organizational structure in a lean organization.  We help you build teams around the work they need to accomplish, then learn how to work together to be more effective teams.

Visual Management Systems

One of the most satisfying features of a Culture of Engagement and a High Confidence Culture is their visual management system.  Let us help you define your tiers, select appropriate metrics, develop information boards for each tier level, and develop leaders and team members so they continuously improve their work and their systems.

Employee engagement systems

One sure way to increase employee engagement is to show them you’re listening and making progress on their submitted ideas.  We do that with a system called the C4 Card system.  Everyday, team members face and overcome problems in their work.  We want to be able to capture all of those without losing time, and then use those as a vehicle for leaders to coach and teach problem solving skills to their teams.  The cards capture the problems and ideas, then are posted on a board for everyone to see what is happening with it.

Standardized Work

We have years of experience helping organizations redesign work to achieve and capture standardized work.  That makes it easier then to improve that work and that process and makes it easier for new people to learn how to do that work.

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