Do you know how much one trillion really is?
Yesterday Apple’s market cap broke $2 trillion.  That means investors think the company is that valuable – that’s the value of their outstanding stock.  
What’s really remarkable is that it took 42 years to reach $1 trillion valuation, then doubled that in just 2 years.  Yes, I wish I had 10,000 shares!
But what’s the difference between a million, which used to be considered a lot of money, a billion, which is today’s target for being rich, and a trillion, which is the realm of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Saudi Aramco, oh, and our National Deficit?
Tony Robbins shared the difference using time in his book Unshakeable.  1 Million seconds equals 277.78 hours, or 11 and a half days.
1 billion seconds equals 31.7 YEARS!
1 trillion seconds equals 31,709.79 Years.  That’s how old we homo sapiens are!
If it were distance, using the length of dollar bills at 6.14 inches long each, a million bucks would get me from Columbus to Blue Ash, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.
A billion bucks would get me around the world at the equator 4 times.
A trillion bucks would get me to Mars and back with loads to spare. 96.9 Million miles
We throw billions and trillions around and we have become desensitized to these huge numbers.  I think it’s great that our economy is able to produce that kind of wealth. 
But How can we have that much wealth and still have kids going to bed hungry?  
How can we have that much wealth and still have sex slavery? 
If we want to be great, let’s make things great for the least of us.