Dynamic Stability

The foundation of the lean house connects to bedrock – the ultimate source of dynamic stability.  To me, this is True North. Other versions of the lean house emphasize “Stability,” but for a learning organization preparing for an uncertain future, stability alone isn’t enough.  Stability implies static, stationary systems which will break when the market or demand changes.  Since the market changes quickly, our systems have to allow for rapid change.  We need to create a framework that is both stable, allowing us to become proficient in the key functions we perform, and dynamic, allowing us to change immediately without extra cost.

This is an image of a silva orienteering compass, whose red North-seeking-arrow provides dynamic stability for the athlete, always pointing to North no matter the direction the athlete is moving.

Orienteering Compass

Dynamic stability begins with leadership and the mindset of leaders. Leaders must think for the long term. Leaders create a vision and build a compelling story around that vision connecting the past through the present to the future. This should be the challenge that will attract talent to seek to join us (think Elon Musk and his mission to Mars).

Building a Leader’s Mindset

Tell everyone what kind of leaders you want in your organization. What are the values you expect leaders to exemplify? How will you measure those? And how will you correct errant behavior by your leaders?

Vision and values set the direction and lay the foundation, but actions reflect the commitment to the path you’ve chosen. Commitment is focused and complete. Leaders must measure up daily and serve as the example for everyone else in the workplace. Don’t just make a contribution;  Make a commitment to the success of the venture.

Discipline. We all have a picture in our minds when we hear this word, but it is discipline that turns the successful company into the resilient, regenerative, exceptional company of the future. Discipline forces us to LEARN. With a focus on learning, we teach people how to ask the right questions; how to structure the right experiment; and how to gather key lessons in reflective, post-experiment learning sessions. Without practice here, we never get better.

Set your vision. Declare your truest values. Commit to achieving your vision, and build a learning organization through disciplined study and practice. Your world will never be the same.  For more, grab a copy of my book, Leadersights – Creating great leaders who create great workplaces, and subscribe.  Thank you!