I’m David Veech and this is Elevate your Performance.

I have to apologize for letting this series slip.  I’ve been letting a lot of things distract me from this project.  I really enjoy making these short videos and sharing them with everyone, but the most value I get is simply focusing my thinking for a short period of time each morning and that actually has helped make my day a little smoother.  So it’s important for me to get back into this groove.

Let’s recap a little with recent episodes.

A few months ago, I reset my production schedule to parallel the outline I have built for a new book on problem solving.  That started back in October 2020.

I did short video episodes on Why I think problem solving is so important, then some videos on yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s problems.

I did episodes on the scientific method and the Shewhart cycle, then a few episodes working through my own C4 process including how to use the C4 cards, the C4 worksheet, and a C4 Master Presentation file.

In November, the video schedule really started to slide. After recording 22 episodes in October, I only did 8 in November, 3 in December, 6 in January, 5 in February, and this is just my second one in March.

Since I did that review, I also discovered that I had missed a numbered episode early on, so that my episode numbering scheme was off. My last episode, on March 8th was actually 138 instead of 135.

I am currently designing the capstone course for the Masters of Engineering Management program for the Department of Engineering at The Ohio State University.  That course will be 100% online so I have a bunch of videos I need to record for that.

I have 30 years of course contents that I’ve organized into a structured library that I want to create online courses and programs for.  I’ve been making the production of these way too complicated and that has kept me from making the progress I know I need to make on them.

I want to make a series of short How-to videos and give restricted access to these for clients.

What I’m doing now is building a synchronized schedule that will allow me to get these projects done over the summer.  That’s pretty ambitious for me, so I could use your help.

If, when you see one of these videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, I hope you’ll just take a second to send me a little note of encouragement.  Even if you don’t watch the whole video, leave me a comment or even a quick like.

Thanks in advance!

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.