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I have been a lean teacher, coach, and consultant for over 20 years.  Lean is coupled closely with the Toyota Production System, often simply TPS.  Why?

That goes back to the mid-1980s when the US Auto Industry was struggling to retain market share in the face of a tsunami of imports from Europe, to some extent, and Japan in particular.  MIT launched a project called the International Motor Vehicle Program – IMVP – in 1985.

The IMVP charter directed it to study not only the automobile industry, but also “…to go beyond conventional research to explore creative mechanisms for industry-government-university interaction on an international basis in order to understand the fundamental forces of industrial change and improve the policy-making process in dealing with change.”

This quote is from “The Machine that Changed the World – The story of lean production:  How Japan’s secret weapon in the global auto wars will revolutionize western industry.”  The book was the report of the research from the IMVP.

Keep in mind that the IMVP was sponsored and funded by 136 separate companies, universities, and governments.  None was able to individually influence the research.  The researchers went in to study the systems in different companies with as few preconceived notions as possible for regular human beings.

Their analysis, reported in the book I just mentioned, highlighted the radically different approach employed by Toyota in producing automobiles, but also explained it in terms of principles that are universally applicable.  Any business can benefit by understanding the principles of lean production whether you’re treating patients, selling insurance, running a supermarket, or even making coffee.

I will spend the next few videos sharing a little about the history of Toyota and how they got to be where they are, and how you can too.

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