Yesterday, I introduced this idea I’ve had surrounding numbers and balance. I showed how odd numbers in the scale from 1 to 9, when depicted as dots on a line, have evenly distributed numbers on each side of a center point, reflecting a balanced system.

As I researched the meaning of certain numbers: 5, 7, and 9 in particular I made some interesting connections.

Five is positioned in the center of the scale from 1 to 9. In that position, it reflects the pivotal point of change. Leaders should be that pivotal point of change for their teams and organizations.

But the number 5 also reflects characteristics and values like freedom, curiosity, and adaptability. These are all good qualities for leaders as well.  5 also values experiences and is more willing to go with the flow than others.

Seven represents a quest for wisdom. Here, leaders ask questions…lots of questions, and listen carefully to the answers. They tend to be more analytical than others and try to find meaningfulness in everything they do.

These all sound like excellent qualities to develop in leaders.

Nine is a little more complex. Nine represents completeness, or wholeness, but not finality. It’s like completing one cycle and then beginning another, much like we describe in the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement in a lean system.

Nine emphasizes the importance of transitions and transformations and how leaders should be guiding and empowering their people through these transformations.

Nine is compassionate and kind and seeks the greater good. Leaders here are wiser, stronger, more aware, tolerant, and supportive than others.

These characteristics are all quite similar to what I describe as key insights for leaders in my book Leadersights – Love, Learn, and Let go.

  • Nine, as the compassionate, guiding, and supportive leader demonstrates love – actively placing the needs of others above their own.
  • Seven, seeking wisdom, asking questions, represents Learn – the on-going quest for understanding.
  • Five, the free-spirited, experience-oriented (why not give it a try), going with the flow really captures the essence of Letting go.

I want to keep exploring these leadership values, characteristics, and behaviors so I am doing two specific things to focus my energies. I’m out of time now, so I’ll tell you about them tomorrow. Join me here at 9 am. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.