I want to share some other ideas I’ve had about 579 Leadership and share a couple of events that I’m planning.
First, I’m starting to record episodes for a podcast I’m simply going to call Leadersights, after my book.  It’ll be a mix of me telling stories of the things I’ve learned about leaders and lean systems and conversations with leaders about overcoming problems and setting goals.  Those leaders might be CEOs or they might be Team Leaders from a manufacturing plant.  The key is to share some insight.
I’ll have discussions with each of them about 579 leadership, which, as I hinted at yesterday, is about the application of the Leadersights of Love, Learn, and Let go.  So I’ll want to hear their stories about each of those and share them with you.
My target length for a Podcast episode is going to be 579 seconds, twice.  579 seconds is 9 minutes and 39 seconds, and twice that will be 19 minutes and 18 seconds; which should be plenty of time for a good conversation.
I hope you’ll share with me some of the things you are looking for in a podcast so I can keep making it better.  I’m going to launch the podcast on my birthday, August 22 with the first 3 episodes, then release a new episode every week.
Second, in September, I am launching a new mastermind study group that will focus on 579 Leadership.  Here, the members will be the stars as we share the things we discover about leadership in every situation you can imagine.
Here’s what I’m planning:
Members will complete an application for the program, committing to a 579-day-long program (1 year, 7 months, and 4 days). Our key objective will be to become more effective as leaders, coaches, parents, team members, business owners, etc.
Individually, I’ll work with each member.  We’ll have a 360-assessment done and together we’ll set goals and build your action plan to become a more effective leader.  We will complete a few other assessments or diagnostic instruments for your business and set goals and build actions plans to improve there as well.   Members will get an hour of coaching with me every two weeks, plus additional access if you’re working a particular problem or goal.  Members will also have access to exclusive materials I’ve created just for the group.
The group will meet virtually every two weeks for 86 minutes and 51 seconds (or there abouts) which is 579 seconds times 9.  This will largely be in a Lean Coffee format where members will bring issues and we’ll discuss those issues and try to help you take action to solve a problem or drive an improvement.
Once a quarter (six times in the 579 day cycle), we’ll meet face to face for 579 minutes (9 hours and 39 minutes).  We’ll meet in different spots for everyone who can make it.  I hope that the members will rotate hosting in their companies and invite us in for a Genba walk while we’re there and let us work on a problem they’re wrestling with.  I’d like to have an agenda that includes the genba walk, focus time on a problem or lesson, a guest speaker, open networking and discussion time, lunch, and end with dinner and drinks – 9 hours and 39 minutes is a long day – so we’ll make it as valuable as we can.
Twice a year (three times in the 579 day cycle), we’ll have a retreat for 3 days someplace we decide we’d like to see.  I hope all members will be able to make at least one of these, as we’ll have some special recognition activities in addition to guests, tours, and cases to study.
Once a year, we’ll take a vacation – pushing us to have some balance.  So I’ll book a cruise or a resort for us to take our families to and we’ll spend a week or so just enjoying each other’s company and taking in some cultural aspect of wherever we go.  I have Japan, a European River cruise focused on wine and beer, a Mediterranean cruise focused on culinary delights, and the Bourbon trail in mind.
I’m still working on a pricing structure that will reflect the value of the program.  For the first cohort, I’m thinking about $15,200 for the 19 month program if paid up front, or $894 a month if paid monthly but committed for the program.  I promise we’ll get much more value that that from the journey.  Of course the travel will be extra, but I’ll get the best rates I can for wherever we go and offer them to the group through our partner travel agency, Clandestine Travel.  Part of the fees will contribute to a partner charity that I’m sorting through now so we can also give back to our community.
I’ll release the application which will include schedules for the 19 months on July 26th.  I’m limiting the size of the mastermind to 28 people per cohort.
I’m pretty excited about both of these events – the podcast and the study group.  I’ve been thinking about these for a long time.  Let me know what YOU think.
Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time.