Leadership Team

Our leadership team is responsible for living our values, pursuing our purpose, and meeting our goals.

David Veech is the Founder and CEO of Leadersights, Inc. He started the business officially in 2017 but has been pursuing this purpose in one form or another for many years.

Jesse Brewer joined Leadersights, Inc. in 2020 as the Senior Vice President for Operations.

We are building a partnership with Kim Tapia, the founder and president of Polanko Consulting Group. Together we will be creating more online courses and activities to strengthen remote teams.

Leadersights has access to hundreds of highly skilled people who have developed expertise in our chosen subject areas of leadership and lean systems. No job is too big or too small.

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David Veech, Founder & CEO, Leadersights, Inc.

I teach leaders how to Love, Learn, and Let go – the only three decisions they need to make to:

              • Obliterate obstacles
              • Accelerate innovation, and
              • Elevate performance.


I’ve been teaching leaders to be more effective since 1989. For 20 years, I learned from the very best as an officer in the US Army. I’ve been on the faculty teaching leadership and lean systems at Stetson University, the Defense Acquisition University, the University of Kentucky, and the Ohio State University. I’ve also taught in the Executive Education program at Penn State University.

Most important, though, is the work and the learning I’ve enjoyed with clients in their offices, factories, construction sites, and hospitals; Clients like the US Postal Service, Owens Corning, Rolls-Royce, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and Nationwide Insurance.


I speak to large audiences and hold intimate workshops with small executive teams. My presentations always give listeners practical skills and soaring possibilities that will:

  • Convict their hearts that they need to change
  • Convince their minds that they can succeed in the change, and
  • Commit their efforts to make the change work for all.

If you’re tired of talking about a culture change and want to begin a meaningful journey, let’s work together.

If you think you have poor leaders and you want to create a better workplace, let’s work together.

Work should be fun and rewarding. Together, we can have a profound impact on the lives of your team members. Together we can attain higher productivity, higher profitability, and higher professionalism in our workplaces.


I’ve written the CRC Press best selling book “Leadersights: Creating great leaders who create great workplaces” (2017), and the Business Innovation Press best selling book “The C4 Process: Four Vital Steps to Better Work” (2011). I also created “FirstLine: A team leader’s guide to lean thinking” (2005, PKI) which is a learning program focused on first line supervisors.


I’ve been married to Mary for over 35 years. We have three children, 2 grandchildren, five dogs, a horse, and a herd of deer that Mary likes to keep fed through the winter.

Email: david.veech@leadersights.com

Twitter: @davidveech

Jesse Brewer, Senior Vice President, Operations, Leadersights, Inc.


My highest area of interest resides in identifying areas of opportunity within an organization/locale then creating action plans to prevent it from occurring again. Many of these opportunities stem from leadership obstacles for which I thrive helping others overcome through Love, Learn and Let Go.,

I take great pride helping others develop a culture within an organization to ultimately increase individual satisfaction. Upon successful implementation of the Love, Learn, and Let Go practices, the expectation is to reduce turnover, increase production, increase integrity, higher standards reached, and ultimately resulting in higher productivity and sales volume from more customers WANTING to come back. This is what makes me excited to do what I do.

In my many years of Leadership Development I have experienced, like you, multiple wins and losses along my Leadership journey. How we overcome those losses, obliterate the obstacles, and move forward is what helps define our leadership and success.

My first job at the University of Kentucky as an 18-year-old student was in Human Resources helping bridge the gap between unemployed students and jobs needing filled. Each student I helped secure employment gave me motivation to continue helping others that has lasted my entire life.

After College I worked for an independent owner at a coffee shop in Lexington, KY. As a Barista I had a lot of fun. Upon taking more leadership responsibilities in multiple locations, I had my first taste of being a true entrepreneur. The owner instilled financial, personal, and operational understandings that started my personal journey. I’m truly thankful for his leadership guiding me along the way.

Let’s fast forward to my mid-30’s where I’ve successfully led teams of 1,000+ employees from Maine to Florida and managed $12M+ retail locations. My direct involvement with leading these businesses helped me realize my largest contribution to these wins can all be found in Leadership. The Education and Training outlined in Leadersights breaks down a simple layout to help you succeed in your leadership.

To Find out more about how to successfully lead teams, no matter the location, start by investing in YOURSELF and YOUR DEVELOPMENT. Leadersights is the right place to begin and continue your leadership journey. I want to help you grow as I have over the next several years. Email me today to get started.


Originally from the smallest county in Kentucky where students would drive their tractor to high school, I have humble roots with grounded goals. After attending the University of Kentucky, I moved with my work which led me to experience an abundance of culture. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Columbus & Cincinnati, Ohio; Atlanta ,GA; Baltimore, MD; Dover, DE; and most recently in Northern Kentucky where I enjoy a bourbon on the front porch with my father. I love traveling, having new experiences, and stepping out of my comfort-zone to grow through conversation and others’ point of view.

As a Cub/Boy Scout for 13 years, I spent many years in the woods hiking, on the water kayaking, and at countless meetings learning tidbits that helped me progress into adolescence. My favorite outdoor place to spend extra time is Red River Gorge in Slade, KY but my favorite view of nature is from Acadia National Park near Bangor, ME. In my years of kayaking, Lake Lanier outside of Atlanta, GA holds a special place in my heart.

When not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading at the local independent coffee shop which is my most relaxed environment. This setting affords me the opportunity to decompress, catch up with neighbors, and metaphorically stop to smell the roses as we all need.

Over the years, I have found a multitude of positivity in every city I’ve visited. Chicago is my favorite city to visit during the winter while Cincinnati has the best skyline from the Kentucky shore in summer. The drive through Cherokee, NC wins for the best autumn view yet the best mountain view is from atop Blood Mountain in Georgia. Put-In Bay is a great evening full of adventures just before popping over to Canada for a multitude of experiences too! The clear waters of Destin, FL keep my eye set on deep sea fishing as frequently as possible. My favorite work retreat continues to be on a cruise to Cancun for a long weekend; ask how we can arrange one of these memorable conferences for your teams! Leadersights offers a wide array of travel opportunities for YOU while still learning leadership programs. Email us to see what we can do for you.


I look forward to meeting you soon to help you and your teams’ development!