The USPS has been in the news an awful lot so I want to shout out to my friends who work there.  They’ve been struggling for a while for lots of reasons but they are wonderful, hard working people who really care about us.  So please go buy some stamps and show them some love.


I can’t believe I’ve gone this whole month so far, with a theme of Learning, without really talking about learning yet.  But all the satisfaction information I’ve shared ties into learning because one of the satisfiers people claim is learning or growth opportunities.  Are we providing these at work?


People learn in 4 domains:


Psychomotor learning is where we learn physical skills and hand-eye coordination.


Cognitive learning is where we learn to think critically and logically and solve problems.


Affective learning is where we classify what we’ve learned by the value we think it has, forgetting some and keeping some


Social learning is how we learn from others in a social group like work.


These all weave together, so you can never just learn in one domain, you learn in all of them, all the time as we go through life processing everything.


Knowing how people learn can make you a more effective leader because you can redesign workplaces to enhance learning and discovery rather than enforce old rules. 


If we want a culture of engagement, this is pretty important.


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