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What types of programs do we offer?  What makes Leadersights different?


Leadersights, Inc. offers a wide spectrum of learning programs. Thanks to our extensive experience both teaching and leading we are able to customize programs for on-site delivery with relatively short lead time.

The listing below offers the titles of our predesigned workshops, seminars, and programs. We take the time to carefully listen to the needs of our customers, then tailor each one for the specific audience and learning level they require.

For additional details, simply email us at info@leadersights.com and put “Workshop Information” in the subject line. We will respond within 24 hours and arrange a time for a conversation about your needs.

 What makes us different?

Extensive practical experience and deep understanding of underlying theoretical concepts and how they work in practice

Expertise in human learning and educational psychology

Tailoring to meet the level of learning your people need

Applied learning activities for every program take the course contents directly into your workplace

Multiple types of learning activities in each program for maximum engagement

Whether its online, virtual, in-person, or some type of hybrid, we know how to keep students and participants fully engaged until the learning objectives are met and you can see the positive outcome

We Can Help You With:

Executive Programs

Problem Solving Programs

Leadership Development

Integrated Programs


Programs for Teams

Critical Skills Development

Lean Programs

Special Programs

Executive Programs


  • Leadersights for executives (LX101)
  • Executive Personal Development Plan with Executive Coaching (LX102)
  • Executive Team Development (LX103)
  • Lean Systems Executive Overview (LX104)
  • Executive Learning Retreat (LX105)

Leadership Development

Overview Courses

  • Leadersights (LD101)
  • Creating a high confidence culture (LD102)
  • Leading in complex systems (LD103)
  • Leaders’ Personal Development Plan with Personal Coaching (LD104)

Integrated Development Programs (with online community)

  • Leading through Complexity (LD105)
  • Managers’ Professional Development Certification (LD106) (SF)
  • Supervisors Professional Development Certification (LD107)
  • FirstLine: A New Leader’s Guide (LD108)

How-to Courses

  • Leaders Standardized Work (LD110)
  • Gemba Walks (LD111)
  • Challenge: Effective Goal Setting (LD112)
  • Integral Leadership (LD113)
  • Strategic Planning plus Hoshin Kanri Techniques (LD114)
  • One-to-One Coaching for leaders (LD121)

Programs for Teams


  • Executive Team Development (LT101)
  • High-Performing Team Development (LT102)
  • Leading Teams and Groups (LT103)

Lean and Problem-Solving Programs

Overview Courses

  • Lean Systems Executive Overview (LS101)
  • Lean Systems Operations Overview (LS102)
  • Measuring for Success (LS103)
  • High-Speed Problem Solving Overview (LS104)

Integrated Development Programs (with online community)

  • Lean Systems Certification (LS105)
  • Lean Coach Certification (LS106)
  • High-Speed Problem Solving Certification
    • Level 1 (Green belt) (LS107) (2 weeks)
    • Level 2 (Red belt) (LS108) (4 weeks)
    • Level 3 (Black belt) (LS109) (6 weeks – Add statistics)
    • Level 4 (Master black belt) (LS110) (8 weeks – Add coaching and teaching skills)


Critical skills development

  • Introduction to the C4 Process (LS111)
  • Employee engagement with the C4 Card system (LS112)
  • Workplace Organization (4S, 5S, or 6S) (LS113)
  • Visual Management (LS114)
  • Flow and Pull (LS115) – Creating and regulating work cells in manufacturing, services, and healthcare
  • Motion Economy (LS116)
  • Standardized Work I (LS117)
  • Standardized Work II (LS118)
  • Standardized Work III (LS119)
  • Training Within Industry Overview (LS120)
  • Job Relations (LS121)
  • Job Instruction (LS122)
  • Job Methods (LS123)
  • Job Redesign (LS124)
  • Finding and defining problems (LS125)
  • Critical Thinking (LS126)
  • Value Stream Mapping (LS127)
  • Baseline Data Set (LS128)
  • Root Cause Analysis Techniques (LS129)
  • Developing and Evaluating Countermeasures (LS130)
  • Building Creativity (LS131)
  • Decision-making in problem solving (LS132)
  • Managing a culture of Problem Solving (LS133)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (LS134)
  • Quick Set up and Changeovers – Manufacturing (LS135)
  • Quick Set up and Changeovers – Healthcare (LS136)

Special Programs

  • Executive Retreats 
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Bourbon Trail 
  • River Cruise
  • Charters
  • Club Med
  • Sandals

We Also Do Keynotes and Conference Workshops & Breakout Sessions

David Veech has been an exceptional instructor for a wide range of Lean Operations Management components. His efforts have benefitted both myself and my colleagues in many areas of Lean Transformation including Strategic Planning, Team Structures/Management and Problem Solving. David also has a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of Lean Manufacturing Concepts and Philosophies. I recommend David for anyone looking for guidance as they embark on the Lean Transformation journey.

Bill Duarte

Director of Lean Systems, Columbia Forest Products

David is a dynamic educator that knows his subject matter very well. He has a great mix of practical expereince as well as from and academic perspective. He can motivate, cover the necessary materialks and make it fun yet he can be very challenguing in looking at problems from a completely different view. I have been involved with David in numerous eight hour training sessions and he knows how to keep it moving yet is able to go off line and dialogue about applications and not just the pure lecture of getting the material covered.

David is good and I would recommend him to anyone interested in supporting real change in their organizations.

Dick Reynolds

Former EVP and COO, Libbey, Inc.

I worked with David to put a lean executive training program together for my company (Ingersoll Rand). I found that David has a expert knowledge of both lean and quality systems. His professionalism, knowledge and leadership helped to launch the companies future lean initiatives. I greatly enjoyed working with David and his team and would certaintly utilize him a a future resource.

Michael Bryan

GM, Trane



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