Last night, on the red-eye flying from Los Angeles to Columbus after 2 very good working days in Phoenix, I crossed the threshold to Diamond frequent flyer status with Delta.  I’ve been here before, several years ago, but that was when I was flying to Australia a few times a year.  The miles add up pretty quickly on those long-haul flights!

This year though, I only made one international trip, so this meant a lot of trips within the US.  I’ve been fortunate to have strong client relationships in Phoenix and in Massachusetts with a couple of trips out west every month, and monthly trips to help my client back east.

I love to travel, but I don’t necessarily like being away from home and family.  It pays the bills and makes me feel pretty good about helping out, so I’m sure I’ll continue.

This method of humble consulting I’ve adopted is very satisfying.  I spend a couple of days each month with my clients, who are really more like friends.  The agenda we agree to is based on what the client needs at that time and flexes easily as that need shifts or as we discover other opportunities.  There is a significant “seat-of-the-pants” factor which isn’t for everyone (meaning both clients and consultants.) I happen to really enjoy it.  It is often very challenging.

I’m also fortunate to have additional interested people that I hope to build into clients who want to make difference for their workplace.  I’d be happy to discuss this approach with anyone.  Maybe we’ll end up with a relationship that satisfies both our needs.  Closer to home might be better, but I do like these frequent flyer perks, so “where” matters much less than “what” and “why”.

Cheers for now.  David