In February 2013, Productivity Press (Taylor and Francis) gave me a contract to write a book providing details about a presentation I had made at the Lean HR Summit the previous fall.  The book was due a year later.

Last July (2016) after a million lazy excuses, I finally submitted the manuscript.  Now I’ve finished the copyedits and they tell me that it will be released for production after Thanksgiving and will likely be released around Christmas, or right after the new year.

I’m very excited and very terrified at this prospect.  Excited to see some pretty hard work finally bear fruit.  Terrified because the ideas I wrote about in the book are way too easy to shoot at, so I’m preparing the best I can to get my skin thickened a bit.

Please look for the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble under the title “Leadersights:  Creating great leaders who create great workplaces.”  I hope you’ll consider reading it and giving some of these ideas a go in your workplace.

I’ll try to write more about the contents of the book in short blogs like this going forward.