I usually talk about making our work better, which has a relatively happy feel.  But it’s difficult to make work better when you’re out of work. 


The pandemic has kicked our butts but more importantly it has sharply exposed some of our underlying problems that we as a society really don’t want to admit and don’t want to face.


So what happens to problems when we ignore them? 


They always get worse.


What happens to problems when we deny they exist or flat out lie about them?


They always get worse.


Our national problems are significant.  Elections alone aren’t going to solve them. 


Let’s look to our families and communities and start small.  What can we do to help each other out?  Within our communities, whether geographical communities, or communities of practice or faith, we can bring out some equity through love and learning.


I’m willing to spend time on the phone with anyone who’d like to brainstorm and try to figure out what to do.  Send an email and we’ll book a time.

Love each other.  Learn from each other what we need to step up, and then help each other take that step up.  Together we can lift the yoke of poverty.