Up to meet the sunrise. A short walk this morning; trouble with my knees again. Beautiful sunrise over the surf. About a dozen boats bobbed in the waves and maybe thirty surfers, braving the icy Pacific for a shot a t a decent wave to ride. Cyclists are also out in droves this morning. It is a perfect start to a beautiful day. I was surprised and delighted at how many sunrise walkers greeted me this morning. Simple, but nice and I remembered an activity from the little book “Fanning the Creative Flame” that said go for a walk, and greet everyone you pass. Now I know why they recommended that.

Stopped in, after several passes, for breakfast at a beachfront open cafe called Montmartre by the Sea. I thought I’d have something different so I ordered their low-fat brekky: two poached eggs, turkish toast with avocado, and a grilled tomato. I could not believe how good it was. With a cup of flat white coffee and a place to sit and write, I was all set.
This week has been great for perspective taking. The walk along the coast at Coogee when I arrived Wednesday morning, and yesterday and this morning on the beach here just reinforce the desire or need I have to live someplace like this permanently. I’ll have to start looking for something in Florida, but I want to keep the farm in Kentucky to enjoy seasons when we want to. Got to figure out how to finance that kind of lifestyle.