This uproar about the President of the United States speaking directly to school kids has me baffled. For 200 years we’ve loved our President to talk to our kids. We want our kids to succeed and the ultimate challenge has always been “Maybe someday YOU could be President of the United States.”

We are fortunate in this country that we can debate issues of relevance freely and shape policies. We have a long and proud history of getting behind our Presidents, usually regardless of Party, when something needed to be done. Everyone agrees that SOMETHING has to be done about health care. Everyone agrees the SOMETHING has to be done about terrorism, about immigration, about education, etc. We have a President that was elected by a significant majority. The noise about everything he is trying to do coming from the right drives me crazy. President Bush got bashed by the left and comedians plenty, but no one ever stooped to comparing him to Hitler. No president that I can recall had to endure this endless noise.
People say they are AFRAID of this President. What the hell has happened in this country where we can’t say, “Crap, our guy lost. But we still need to move forward as a nation, so let’s get behind him and make some progress.”
We have to move forward. He’s the leader, like it or not. He deserves support, but not blind obedience. We need intelligent debate instead of emotional grandstanding (from BOTH SIDES). Please…Let’s make this country GREAT again…in our own eyes, in the eyes of the world, but mostly in the eyes of our children. This argument about the President talking to our school kids is simply not a relevant issue. We should use this as an opportunity to teach our kids how great this country can be.