I’ve been digging through old posts and found this one and believe it is still particularly relevant. I hope you agree.

August 29, 2009. I was at my surrogate grandmother’s funeral yesterday, reflecting on her stories and on those others told about her. I never really thought of her as a leader, only as my grandmother. But she touched so many lives, and I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about her, except herself, and then only in a story about her own mother.

On the drive home, I thought about her as a servant. And how, as a servant, she led so many people to do so many things. What we focused on yesterday was her discipleship. How many people were led to Christ as a result of interacting with her? Her greatest gift might be her ability to tell a story, and how she could draw you in to her story and keep you there, engaged, excited, waiting anxiously for the next word. But I think also that her gentle disposition and her kindness created the right storytelling environment.

How can leaders in all walks of life learn from that small point?

It isn’t the story you’re telling. It’s the person telling the story. Be the right kind of person – a servant – and your stories will matter and people will learn. -DSV