After the new year, I’m planning to get back into the daily video business.  I’ve been spending these past couple of weeks focused first on family, then on developing some new ideas.

Neither of these are really new ideas, but I’m mustering up some energy to get them going this time around.

First is a concept around a high confidence culture.  This is based on what I think is the most significant factor in a successful culture of engagement: self-efficacy.  I’ve been talking about self-efficacy for years and sometimes it seems like I’m the only lean guy who does.  Self-Efficacy is the confidence we have about our own ability to do a particular task.  It could be a particular job at work, or an entrepreneur’s marketing efforts, or my confidence that I can take a train from one part of DC to another.

Self-efficacy isn’t something that just happens. Leaders can help shape this in team members, and I believe this fundamental understanding of how to build confidence in team members, and then to let it flourish is the first step to becoming a more effective leader.

The second idea is to build a more focused practice on coaching others.  I intend to take on clients who want to become more effective leaders and build engaging, high-confidence cultures.  I need to keep it oriented toward leadership in organizations, since it’s that culture piece that we want to employ to create a better work environment for as many people as we can.

I guess I’ll end up with three tiers of membership.  

    Tier 1 is individual, one-on-one coaching.  It’ll start with a 360 degree assessment.  I use the LifeStyles Inventory (LSI) from Human Synergistics.  It’ll also include an organizational assessment for profitability using the Quantum Profit Science Profit Model and will show how your organization compares with its industry averages.  We’ll build a personal development plan and a roadmap to more engagement and we’ll connect once a month for an hour to help you with accountability.

    Tier 2 is individual, one-on-one coaching as in Tier 1 but with 2 sessions per month, plus access to a weekly group Zoom call that will use lean coffee dialog techniques to discuss issues that participants bring to the table, rather than a set agenda.

    Tier 3 is the big Kahuna.  It includes the same individual one-on-one coaching as at Tier 2, and this group’ll get their own weekly Zoom call.  But for this group, we add a specific project for participants from their own workplace.  Every 6 to 8 weeks, we will have a 3 to 4 day workshop focusing on a deep dive into a familiar topic, or an introduction to something completely new.  Finally, twice a year, pandemics notwithstanding, we’ll meet face-to-face as a group in a place where we can learn, reflect, and relax.

What will the coaching focus on?  I’m glad you asked.  As the author of a book on leadership and another book on problem solving, it’s a good bet that we’ll be spending a lot of time on both of those topics.  But they will always be discussed within the framework of the high confidence culture.  Lots of lean systems thinking, principles, practices, tools and techniques with a special emphasis on standardized work (no, it’s not the same thing that you’re familiar with), workplace organization, visual management systems, and problem solving systems.

What’s it going to cost??  I haven’t figured that out yet.  I do know that I’m capping tier 3 at 16 people so I can provide a proper level of attention to achieve their learning and performance objectives.  What would you be willing to pay to get one or two of your key people into a focused development group like that?  Let me know.  

If you want to know when we’re going to start and how you can be first in line, send me an email (  If you’re ready to take that plunge now, go to and schedule a 15 minute video chat with me.

All the best and Happy New Year.