Hi everyone.

We have made it to December, despite 2020!  Of course, there have always been end-of-the-world predictions surrounding the first day of Winter, December 21, so we can’t say we’ve got it made until at least after that.

2020 has definitely been a year for disrupting habits.  There are so many things we “used to do” that we’ve had to reinvent.  But we’ve done just that…Reinvented.  So I’ve been thinking this morning about habits and how it’s so hard to build good habits that stick for long.  If we’ve reinvented and created something that works, will we keep it after the pandemic passes?  That made me think about change initiatives, projects, and programs and why so many fail, or why we have so many in the first place.

Being human is just difficult.  If we could stick to stuff, would we be better off?  Let’s start with diets.  I can show you in my “LoseIt” app that I was able to maintain a streak of 481 days of logging every meal.  In that time, I lost 30 pounds!  But then, for one reason or another, I broke the streak. 

Once it’s broken, the effort to get back into it is enormous.  So, I’ve gained all that weight back.  I don’t really need anything new, though, because I know exactly what to do to achieve that level of success.   My biggest question now is: Why can’t I get back into it? 

I learned everything I needed to know and I should have been able to sustain without the details of keeping track of everything.  But I didn’t.  So the lesson to me is that the system and some help are absolutely required even after all that learning.  The same applies to your work.  You can’t rely on people doing everything that needs to be done just because they know how.  Leaders build the systems that not only sustain, but also propel the workplace into the future.

Have a wonderful December. I have two things I’m prioritizing (after family) that I could use your help with:

1. I want to do more professional speaking in 2021.  (Profession is code for “Paid”.)  If your company is having a meeting, either virtually or in person, I hope you’ll consider me as a keynote or workshop speaker.  If you’re in a chamber of commerce or professional association, please recommend me to the program committee.  I’m happy to follow up with proposals to provide the details, but start by booking a call with me.

2.  I have discovered a cloud based system that changes the way we keep track of work as it progresses through our processes.  It is unlike any financial software or ERP system I’ve ever seen.  It bases everything on a profit model created from your current financials but run through an algorithm that allows you to see first if you’re in line with competitors in your market segment, and second, precisely where you can focus to increase productivity, profitability, and engagement. 

I need 6 to 10 small- to medium-sized companies to try this with so I can really understand how it works.   The company that produced it (QPS) is making a special offer that makes it affordable for even a very small business.  Please think about this and book a call with me to talk about how we might be able to run it in your company and what you can expect.

If I can help you with anything else, send me a message. 

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