Workplace Culture – August 14, 2020

Do you need a culture change?  

I’m picking up this blog because the format is easy and i like the way it presents each post.  I have been doing a daily video since July 1, 2020 and I nearly always write a sort of script before I record.  I haven’t figured out a good way to transfer all of those to this platform and preserve the sequence, but I’ll get that figured out soon enough. 

For now, let me just start rolling.  I’m sure I’ll adjust as I go.


The theme August has been Learning.  I’ve spent the past couple of weeks focusing on what you need to learn to make jobs more satisfying and why.


Today I want to add to the why with a shift to talk about culture.


Culture captures the collective behavior of the people in organizations.


I think there are 5 specific types of culture in organizations


Defiance – where trust between the leadership and the workforce is absent so the workforce actively works against the goals of the leadership


Compliance – where the workforce complies with the directives of leadership, doing what they are told to avoid negative consequences


Involvement – where leadership solicits some input from some of the workforce


Excitement – where leadership promotes the participation by the workforce in scheduled events and activities to improve the workplace


And Engagement – where leadership and the workforce work together to set and achieve goals, and where the workforce is fully empowered to make changes which they share proudly with leadership.


Most organizations are stuck down in Compliance.


2020 has been a huge shock for all of us.  Those compliant organizations took a hit while the leadership had to decide what to do and then put things in place to allow the workforce to work differently.


How much more quickly could they have pivoted if they had all of their employees seeking and discovering new ways to work?


This isn’t going to be our last crisis.  Now is the time to start changing your culture to face the next one.


Reach out and let me show you how.  But you’d better be ready for some heavy lifting.  This is easy to talk about, but difficult to do.